Luis Alvarado Bio

For Luis Alvarado consulting as a Public Affairs, Political and Media Strategist is and continues to be a culmination of a full circle professional life and personal passion that launched when first appointed to represent the diverse City of Los Angeles, representing the 10th City Council District, and the Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley in the Cities Youth Advisory Council and working with Reagan/Bush re-election campaigns in the 80’s.

Serving in the Army reserves, working nearly 20 years in the hospitality industry, leading up to representing fellow safety & security directors as President of the Southern CA Security Directors Association.

Transitioning to the Risk Control/Management leadership positions in the Liquor distribution, clothing manufacturing and high-risk construction. Protecting thousands of employees, billions in property assets and ensuring compliance to many governmental agencies. Eventually becoming an entrepreneur as an insurance agency owner with expertise as a Property/Casualty for commercial insurance, this lead to a seat in the Board of Directors to the Latin American Agents Association.

Then due to our nations unfortunate near depression and with his enlightening work as volunteer Regional Chair to the McCain for President campaign, Luis closed his agency and began working as political consultant with nationally recognized firm. This lead to Luis working as deputy press secretary for the California Republican Party, advisor to Meg Whitman for Governor campaign, advisor to Mike Villines for Insurance Commissioner, and several State Senate and Congressional races.

Luis has also worked on several public affairs campaign that aimed to moderate the sentiment of legislation, issues and organizations. With a higher degree of specialty when it comes to communicating with the Latino community on issues relevant to them. Our campaigns have been aimed to promote or dissuade public opinion utilizing traditional and new media technology.

Recently Luis has worked in consulting and constructing radio, TV and digital ads in Local, State, Federal Races and issue advocacy campaigns. Luis is also a co-founder of GROW Elect Political Action Committee that helps Latino Republicans get elected to municipal offices. Luis currently serves as president of Familias Unidas de California Political Action Committee and partner at Lanza Strategies.

As a Latino political expert and community Leader, Luis is frequently seen on CNN, Univision, Telemundo, Estrella and other national and Spanish-language media, as well as often quoted on Spanish and general market news media agencies as the Los Angeles Times, Politico, HuffPo, Buzzfeed and U.S. News and World Report to name a few.

A native of Los Angeles, he is the eldest of five children of immigrant parents. A product of the public education, he attended West Los Angeles College before transferring to California State University, Los Angeles to study political science. Luis has a lifelong commitment to help as he serves as a volunteer to many causes and community projects.